Living The Principle: An Introduction to The World

The publishing of this website and blog are the culmination of years of the Lord guiding many individuals into not just a knowledge of The Principle, but also a testimony of its proper place in the the Lord’s Plan of Happiness.

The website Living the Principle and its accompanying blog will be an online publication focused entirely towards a Latter-day Saint or Mormon audience. Understanding that members of different Mormon sects may at times refer to themselves by differing titles, the greatest of efforts will be taken to ensure proper titles are used when referring to specific different groups of people. However, for the broader audience for whom these words are intended, the term Latter-day Saint will be the most common term used.

Let it be said here first and foremost that nothing here will ever be published to purposely offend, malign truth, or dissuade from proper good Christian living. However, please understand that as this site and blog bloom and grow, as undoubtedly they will, there will be no efforts made to hide the true intents of these writings, namely being this:

To persuade all believers in The Restoration to embrace the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by accepting, supporting, and practicing The Principle of Plural Marriage.

This is our intent and the intent of the owner and publisher of Living the Principle, Mr. Joseph Lorin Taylor.

God our Heavenly Father, in His place of supreme omniscience and foresight, has provided the way through the plan of redemption by which all Saints of God might become partakers of His divine presence and potential. Said the ancient Christian leader Athanasius:

“For the Son of God became man so that we might become God.”

–  St. Athanasius, De inc. 54, 3: PG 25, 192B.

This plain and precious truth was restored in our day first through small personal revelations to individuals, and then was taught publicly by the Prophet Joseph Smith himself. It was Lorenzo Snow who upon first learning of his potential to become like God penned the couplet:

As man is God once was. And as God is man may become.

– Lorenzo Snow, Deseret News Weekly 3 November 1894. Reprinted in Lorenzo Snow, “Glory Awaiting the Saints,” in Brian H. Stuy (editor), Collected Discourses: Delivered by Wilford Woodruff, his two counselors, the twelve apostles, and others, 1868–1898, 5 vols., (Woodland Hills, Utah: B.H.S. Publishing, 1987–1989), 4:162.

And so we declare with solemnity and with prophets ancient and modern:

God desires us as his children, and even more so especially as His covenant children, to partake of all of the proper priesthood ordinances so as to be able to come to live as He does in celestial glory.

In order to do this we must follow the Lord’s pattern of marriage: The Principle.

Today The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest of all Mormon sects, teaches that celestial marriage, which is required for exaltation, is the sealing of one man and one woman in the temple

However, this is not what the Lord or the Prophet Joseph Smith initially taught in the early stages of this dispensation. And the voluminous records which will soon be published here for all to see will show this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

We understand that the audience to whom these words are written will most likely let these words fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. They will see the purpose of this website and quickly assume that yet another Latter-day Saint has gone into apostasy, strayed from the truth, betrayed their covenants, and is going against the Brethren. But we beg of you, yes you, the common every-day mediocre Mormon, do not let first impressions guide you away from eternal life.

Read the words of truth contained herein. Study the blog articles, their historical and scriptural sources, browse the pages here, and do so freely. Do not be quick to judge. For we would have never believed I would one day be publishing this website if it weren’t for the small promptings of the Holy Ghost and the revelations which the Lord has personally given to us.

Do not think it is we who are in apostasy. Perhaps it is you.

Read the word of the Lord for yourself and consider what it truly means to follow God’s plan.

In the coming days, weeks, months, and years we imagine that this initial introduction will be lost to the virtual winds of the internet. But have no doubt our dear reader, because of the power of technology and the strength of the Truth the purpose of this website will come to pass in perfect accordance with God’s eternal plan.

One day one mighty and strong will rise up to put the House of God in order, and it is our prayer that through the simple writings here we can help that come to pass.


– The Living the Principle Team

5 June 2017

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